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Ražotājs: Citi Preces kods: 6480696
Levi's Calypso Leather Belt 228954-4-59 Properties: Levis brand belt made of leather Material: skin Colour: black..
Ražotājs: Nike Jordan Preces kods: 6322722
Nike Jordan HBR Headband Properties: Jordan Jumpman headband elastic material ensures a perfect fit the soft material helps to keep the temperature ear protector for extra warmth dimensions: circumference (without stretching) - 44 cm / width - 8 cm composition: 88% acrylic, 9% nylon, 3% elastane bla..
Preces kods: 5753312
Wooden body massager round GAIAM 62259 Properties: Yoga is for all of us. We may not all be made to be yogis, but we all always have something to gain. Remember that practice is a means to an end, not the end itself. Your perfection is not required. Mostly joy is desired. So find your place on the m..
Preces kods: 2109172
Ping pong set Donic Schildkrot Flex Net net with cover 808334 Properties: Table tennis net from the renowned German company Donic Schildkröt, FLEX. Quick installation with a clamping system, no screws required. The mesh is designed for tops up to 4.5 cm thick. Self-tensioning nylon mesh with an unwi..
Ražotājs: Spokey Preces kods: 9382247
Spokey Femme bicycle helmet white-blue 55-58 cm 928244 Properties: The Spokey helmet is intended for adults and teenagers to ensure safety while riding a bike, skateboard, rollerblades or scooters. Slightly extended visor. Multiple vents. White model with blue details. Technical data: Safe Clip - a ..
Ražotājs: Spokey Preces kods: 6989716
Bicycle helmet Spokey Spectro 55-58 cm gray 922189 Spokey helmet designed for adults and teenagers will allow you to ensure safety while cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading or scooters. Slightly protruding peak. Vents. Technical data: · Safe Clip - a safe clip that facilitates easy fastening a..
Ražotājs: Spokey Preces kods: 2899144
Spokey Spectro bike helmet blue-orange 55-58 cm 928242 Properties: The Spokey helmet is an ideal proposition for adults and young people who want to ensure safety while riding a bike, roller skates, skateboard or scooter. The product is CE certified according to the EN1078 standard. Slightly extende..
Ražotājs: STIGA Preces kods: 9050429
STIGA Match table tennis net with handles Nylon table tennis net fixed with a classic screw-in screw . Mesh handles fit most professional, semi-professional and hobby tables. It is very easy to install and remove, thanks to which you will save valuable time for training. In addition, the mesh ha..
Preces kods: 1146482
Climbing rope Ninja Rope 980025 Properties: Climbing rope for children. Metal carabiner included in the set. Rope made of UV-resistant PE material. Technical data: rope length: 2.5 m rope diameter: 3 cm 4 circular caps with a diameter of 10 cm are spaced 45 cm apart maximum load: 113 kg age: from 5 ..
Ražotājs: Schildkrot Preces kods: 5221146
Mini golf game Schildkrot 970307 Properties: The Schildkrot minigolf will allow the youngest to play actively outdoors or at home. Light poles with foam grips. Two balls are made of soft foam, and the hole is made of plastic. Technical data: in the set: 2 sticks, 72 cm long, 2 balls, 4 cm in diamete..
Preces kods: 9066860
Ninja Counter 980029 Properties: Ninja Timer by pressing a button will allow you to select the winner with the best time during the training competition. It can be mounted on a base 10x10 centimeters wide. Digital display. Sound signal. Technical data: material: plastic required batteries: 3xAAA - n..
Preces kods: 7148342
Ninja Slackers Orbs 980023 Properties: Ninja balls are additional obstacles attached to the Slackers Ninja rope. Tapes made of high-quality, non-slip plastic. Metal carabiners. Two spheres with non-slip finish. Technical data: the set includes: 2 Ninja balls, 2 Delta safety carabiners, 2 webbing loo..
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