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Ražotājs: Nike Preces kods: 7341067
Football Nike Airlock Street X blue-white-navy blue SC3972 446 Features: Train for better results wherever you like. Football Nike Airlock Street X allows you to polish your football skills on demanding asphalt surfaces. Hidden machine seams reinforced with thermal glue. Inner tube blocking th..
Ražotājs: Nike Preces kods: 9296150
Football Nike FC Barcelona Strike Ball DC2419-620 Properties: Nike ball to play soccer made of high quality materials manufacturer's logo Material: synthetic Colour: red..
Ražotājs: Nike Preces kods: 7219880
Nike Jordan Playground 8P Catalog number: J0001865-611 * basketball ball * designed for playing: indoor / outdoor * made of 8 panels * M ankle rubber outer surface provides a soft touch * size: 7 In 1984, Nike took care of the extremely talented basketball player Michael Jordan, which is why..
Ražotājs: Molten Preces kods: 9909956
Molten B33T2000 outdoor basketball ball 3x3 Features: Molten B33T2000 basketball is a replica of the Molten Libertria 5000 ball the model consists of 12 panels yellow-blue panels separated by orange grooves the dynamics of a size 6 basketball are combined with the weight of a size 7 ball Mate..
Ražotājs: adidas Preces kods: 5661465
Properties: Adidas football will work during recreational games on a natural grass surface. UEFA Champions League logo. The spherical shape of the ball is due to a machine-sewn, synthetic construction and a latex bladder. Shell: 100% TPU..
Ražotājs: adidas Preces kods: 1691821
Football adidas Uniforia League JR 350gr FH7357 Features: The adidas Uniforia League football perfectly captures the uniqueness of the Euro2020 tournament, which will be played in twelve countries for the first time in history. The white model with black brush strokes symbolizes blurring of bord..
Ražotājs: Select Preces kods: 2140059
Football Select Futsal Speed DB Hala white-blue 14845 Features: Select brand football is perfect for playing indoors. Stitched construction additionally sealed with glue. Made of high quality material with foam lining. Butyl bladder reinforced with polyester fibers. IMS approval confirms the ..
Ražotājs: Nike Preces kods: 9829408
Nike Airlock Street X Catalog number: SC3972-101 * soccer ball * designed to play on: hard pitches * 12 panel construction * FIFA approval: NO * joining panels: sewn * level: training / semi-professional * ball weight for size 5: approx. 413 g * collection: autumn 2019 The Nike Airlock St..
Ražotājs: Nike Preces kods: 3827039
Properties: soccer ball It was made of several sewn layers of material very durable eye-catching graphics for playing on natural grass the ball is not inflated Material: synthetic material Colour: white..
Ražotājs: Spalding Preces kods: 7859406
Spalding Excel TF-500 In / Out Ball 76797Z Properties: Spalding basketball made of high quality materials to play indoors and outdoors manufacturer's logo the ball is not inflated Material: synthetic Color: orange..
Ražotājs: Nike Preces kods: 9940031
Bag Nike Team Club M BA5507 Nike Academy Team Hardcase 010 M IDEAL FOR FOOTBALL EQUIPMENT. Features: The main partition offers a large space. Hard partition on the bottom of the bag. Various carrying options. Separate compartments for dry / wet equipment. Space for logo printing. Size: 48L..
Ražotājs: Select Preces kods: 6869454
Football Select Futsal Master IMS 2018 Hall 14258 Features: football Select Futsal Master IMS 2018 for playing in sports halls designed for training level the ball is resistant to damage very muffled reflection / goat made of high quality FPUG1500 "grain" material Double-Lock valve hand sew..
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